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My name is Jennifer Fiorile. I’m a 31 year-old American woman. In 2012, I was certified at the 200-hour level by Kim Valeri of yogaspirit Studios in South Hamilton, Massachusetts. My training was based on the style of B.K.S. Iyengar, therefore I teach students to use props, which allow for proper alignment, and to focus on breath and body consciousness. In each session, I aim to bring students toward a greater knowledge of how their bodies work and how to care for them properly.

I began doing yoga at 20 years old. For years, I considered doing a training but the timing was never right. While working in Fairfield, Connecticut, a good friend suggested I do the 200-hour training with Ms. Valeri. This training has been invaluable to me personally and as a yoga student.

I enjoy cultivating a personal, warm, and professional relationship with my clients. I teach students to “read” their bodies from the inside out, so they can truly understand the movement of their bodies and how to care for them for a lifetime. I work with native English speakers and secondary-English speakers but also teach in German to German speakers.

You can find me on Facebook at Jennifer Fiorile or my Facebook page at Americana Yoga Berlin.

Send me a text (or SMS) or call me at 0176/63117723

You can also e-mail me at


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