What is yoga? Is this yoga?

The first question you encounter when you begin looking into modern and contemporary art is “What is art? Is this art?”. These questions are meant to begin a thought-provoking and complex discussion on what constitutes and qualifies as art. The range of opinions varies much wider than you might expect.

We’re often convinced of our own rightness, to a fault. Yes, there are right and wrong answers but humans, our lives, and the realities of the world are significantly more multi-colored and varied than our own opinions can account for.

In the yoga world, many people find it easy to be the gate-keepers of what is and isn’t yoga. This is generally based on the confidence of their own rightness. The Germans have their own question about art, “Ist das Kunst oder kann das weg?” (“Is this art or can it be thrown away?”). Though this applies to the art world, it also applies to the yoga world and many other situations.

Don’t throw it out and assume it’s wrong if you haven’t yet asked the appropriate questions and had a meaningful discussion or even taken a moment to consider what it is or isn’t.




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