Potential New Group Class

I have a new group English yoga class in the works.

When: Starting 2. May 2018

How Much: Price to be confirmed

Where: Yoga and You. Laubacherstr. 6 14197, Berlin-Friedenau (very close to Schoeneberg and Dahlem)

How to get there: There are three U-Bahn stations near by.

– U3, Richtung Krumme Lanke. Stop: Ruedesheimer Platz or Breitenbachplatz

– U9, Richtung Rathaus Steglitz. Stop: Friedrich-Wilhelm-Platz

What: This is an anatomy and alignment focused hatha English yoga class. Through awareness of the details of a slow, steady practice, you will begin to see your body’s movement and the flow of your breath in an intrinsic and macroscopic way. In this hatha yoga class, heat building sun salutations and cooling moon salutations happen along side discussion and questions on the foals of each pose. 5-10 minutes of meditation ends every practice.


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