Do you believe in magic?

Is there such a thing as karma? The law of attraction? Comeuppance? What goes around comes around? You reap what you sow?

However you phrase it, the basic message here is the same: you’re gonna get what you give. Everyone knows someone who states proudly and often “I hate drama and toxic people!”. Inevitably, this person, who is generally unlikeable to begin with, becomes entangled in a web of sordid events with other unlikeable people, at the center of which is our acquaintance, not trapped and in dire straits, but loving it, in fact orchestrating the entire thing one way or another. They’re getting attention from being at the center of the drama and this is the best thing about being in the eye of the storm. Is the self-proclaimed drama hater actually making a desperate wish for lots of drama in their life? Are they actually getting the very thing in return that they in fact, perhaps unwittingly, have created themselves? It would seem yes, that is the case.

Of course, terrible things happen to people who don’t deserve it and never wanted it. Others have great things happen to them which they’ve never wanted or worked for. Sheer dumb luck or misfortune is a force of nature also, an unfair reality, and one that we are ignorantly at the mercy and whim of, with no rhyme or reason. “Reaping what you sow”, though, is one of many mysteriousness ways that the world works but at least we have a better sense of how it works. Though there are plenty of exceptions to this rule, it’s one that we can use to our slight advantage.

It requires really being honest with yourself. Sometimes that means asking someone else, who will be really honest, to tell you what’s what in your life, to tell you what it seems you’re really going after. It’s hard to view ourselves correctly because we’ve had to watch our entire life play out, every minute of every day. Every stupid thing and every great thing. It’s very difficult to have perspective on yourself because you are literally incapable of living any other life than your own. You have no outside perspective on yourself. You can’t watch yourself from a high tower or from far away. You are constantly in the cockpit, the seat of action, with no other eyes or experiences other than your own to guide you. Our friends and family or professionals to whom we explain our story only get the highlights, glimpses, vignettes, and synopses. Yes, they make a judgement from less information but they have the benefit of perspective. This perspective allows them to be less swayed by minor events that seem major to us and lets them view us as a whole picture, not by each minute of our lives.

What are you giving out that you’re getting back in return? Is it something you’re doing or are you, like so many others, trapped in the cruel and unforgiving manifestations of time and fate? An informed, intelligent, and kind outside perspective (so, not your drama-hating friend) that you will genuinely listen to and take to heart can be a pivotal moment in finding out if it’s the seeds you’re sowing that have gone wrong or if it’s outside forces that you had no way of effecting. In either case, you’re now sowing a new seed, one of awareness of your life and your circumstances. Caring for and watching that particular seed grow and bloom will be a magical thing.


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