I always struggle with dedication. I drift from one task to another, one hobby to another. One of the constants in my life has been body movement. I danced for a long time, tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern, African. I still like dancing at concerts or parties but don’t dance the styles I used to.

And then yoga came along while I was in college. As is true for lots of people, I fell in love and it was my favorite thing to do for years. Then my life changed when I graduated but I continued doing yoga and trying meditation. Of course, I’ve had long periods in which I did yoga but I’ve always come back to body movement and yoga.

My issue with dedication certainly comes out in being a freelancer but something that keeps me motivated is being able to bring the benefits of yoga to students. In the new year, I hope to bring yoga to even more people and keep moving forward learning how to dedicate myself everyday.


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